Why are moccasins recommended?
They offer protection and at the same time encouraging balance and motion that develops from walking barefoot. Moccs are easy to put on and they stay on babies feet.
How to know which size to purchase?
We try to include as much accurate sizing information for moccasins as possible. Reference the size charts to help determine your size when ordering. If you are between sizes or need assistance selecting the proper size, please fill out the contact form.
What kind of leather do you use?
We only use 100% genuine high quality leather. All sourced in Central Europe.
Leather is slightly different from mocc to mocc, is this normal?
Yes, it is. Leather is a natural product and all leathers come with a little imperfections. 
When will my order be shipped?
All products are made to order, so leave at least 5 working days for your orders to be ready for dispatch. If stated otherwise, we will ship the item the same day.
Leather care:
If dirty, vegetable tanned leather moccasins should only be wiped clean with a soft cloth.

In order to maintain the leather and keep it durable, please use leather grease or leather oil. Wet moccs should ideally be stuffed with paper and dried. Do not place them under a heater. When using a cloth / moist cloth, please avoid rubbing it too strongly across darker patches and then across lighter patches as this may cause discolouration. 

Avoid water/saliva as this will cause stiffness.