A little treat ...

Maybe it is time to properly introduce ourselves for the first time! I always try to present our brand as a family business and that is what we truly are. Every pair is made in our workshop and every pair is packed and shipped by us. A small team is handling all aspects of business and we all breath with the brand.
Whilst we are producing AW16 models, our head is already in the next season. Fresh colors and beautifully designs. You are all in for a treat <3
CIFF KIDS: We are currently presenting our collection in Copenhagen, Denmark - if you are near please do stop by and say hello :)
( old CIFF pic ;)
.. I believe it is time to introduce the INSTAGRAM winners. Thank you all for participating. 
So here they are: @vickaglushchak and @inesdragisic
Please DM or email me: info@littlelambo.com
A little treat: - 10% OFF traditional design moccasins ( fringe, bow)
for 12 H only.
Code: INSTA10
Love, A



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